Unified system dedicated to manage and storage informative, financial, personnel and other resources of enterprise.


The system provides a flexible toolkit for effective daily work of enterprise management, including applications for analysis and competent management decisions, objective assessment of employees’ performance and optimization of management tasks.


We offer various solutions to setup restaurant, cafe or bar activity, which will increase their efficiency, service rate and quality. CASPEL provides own software, which designed based on specifics of public institutions operations for processes automation.


Support of young businessmen who don’t have professional IT skills.


CASPEL - complete solutions for business automation and new opportunities

CASPEL – new opportunities and comprehensive solutions for automation of business.

It is hard to imagine nowadays business processes without information technologies. CASPEL, the IT company is established in 2005. Since 2017 the company created its branches in Moscow, in largest techno park of France and Belorussia. We are going to create new branches in other countries as well.

Specialization – implementation of the latest technologies and integration into business processes.

  • Business operations automation taking into account activities’ specification and segment.
  • Information security for software and hardware.
  • Optimization of business expenses for electricity, IT specialists.

It is already 11 years CASPEL is implementing IT solutions for large and middle business. We also started to offer software products along with other services.

CASPEL solves the problems occurred in business because of:

  • Human factor;
  • Inefficient use of resources (financial, energetic and temporary);
  • Errors in information security system, the lack of security system (ex. video surveillance);
  • Cutout of electricity and other emergency situations.

Business operations automation, cloud data storage, sustainable systems against disasters, smart documents circulation, analysis of business processes, complete management of finance, goods and many other IT services are included into CASPEL’s offers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The implementation of the system allows:

  • to accelerate and increase manyfold the operating efficiency of a company;
  • to track the productivity of branches and departments;
  • to display statistics and analyze business processes;
  • to avoid errors and inaccuracies during the establishment and maintenance of an order through departments;
  • to control income and expenses of an enterprise in real-time.

The managing staff can easily shape plans and schedules of activities via ERP. Besides this, the system tracks the workflow, the conclusion and administration of contracts, the assets of an organization. The financial reporting is also under constant control of senior officials and in case of errors or fraud on the part of any employee or department, they are easy to identify. Large-scale projects can be broken down into stages, you can also plan the necessary resource base and the implementation period.

ERP systems are useful primarily for large companies in various fields that have multiple branches and a broad geography. CASPEL offers them a solution of its own design, which has a modular structure, i.e., consists of multiple components, deployed as needed.

Integration Solutions

Costs reducing

Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

Increased productivity

A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

Business Process Automation

Modern business practice eliminates the possibility of errors provided by the human’s factor fault


We offer a variety of decisions on the organization of restaurant or cafe


HR systems provide full automation of HR

Documents management

Flexible productive tool for the daily work of the administrative board


Fully automated flow of materials in stock


Automation of cash management processes


CallCenter is a flexible tool of information support and accompaniment potential and existing customers. Moreover, modern systems can receive not only phone calls, but incoming messages from sites, email and other too.

Disaster recovery back-up centers

According to statistics, 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more because of the disaster went bankrupt during the year. Big businesses can suffer even the slightest loss of data. There is also an IT system, which brings huge losses for the company several hours while downtime.


Office IP-telephony is designed for intracorporate using. It is a telephone station based on IP-protocol. With this system, you can create high-quality and low-cost internal telephone network. This all works on the basis of SIP-phones that allow you to extend the functionality significantly.

Desktop Virtualization

Creating a new section on the site instead previous or just move it to another room, sometimes, it takes days. In addition, often there are situations when one department workplace is downtime and need to create a new one at another one, unless you are using BPM - desktop virtualization. Then workers can even use BringYourOwnDevice system, with access to corporate data on personal devices.