Providing access control

Securing the safety of employees and material values - the eternal headache leads of all types of businesses. The introduction of access control systems - effective solution for increasing security in the territory of the enterprise by restricting access to its individual zones or preventing unauthorized entry or removal of wealth from the protected area.


Most often, we provide advanced access control and management systems:

  • state institutions nominating the increased security requirements;
  • territory of industrial complexes, factories and other sites of all forms of ownership;
  • warehouses and transportation terminals;
  • office space and residential complexes, companies are concerned about the safety of their employees and tenants.

Development and implementation of projects for the implementation of access control systems, provides installation of technical equipment to prevent unauthorized access and delimiting the internal space into a limited access to personnel areas. For this purpose, we use:

  • waist high growth and turnstiles, electromechanical and electromagnetic locks, latches, barriers, gates, and other means of creating a single perimeter and division-controlled territory into zones with different levels of security;
  • identifying the devices made in the form factor cards, keyfobs or tags that store the digital code of the owner and determine their access rights;
  • a controller controlling the interaction of identities and blocking devices and storing information about the access rights of individual employees, visitors and other defined categories of persons.

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In addition to the complete automation system provides detailed statistics on users, so you can use it to account for staff time.

The flexibility of access control system allows integration with other security systems, including video surveillance and alarm modules and fire alarm systems. All elements of our proposed solutions are certified and worked well in our conditions.

Permanent information and technical support specialists provide Caspel non-failure the system with rapid diagnosis and elimination of potential security holes.

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A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

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