Expert Information Security Audit Services

We provide services of an independent examination of information security measures used in your business. Comprehensive audit aimed at identifying the weaknesses of the current system of security and protection of your company's server from unauthorized access by hackers.


For effective use of the audit we offer the following cooperation scheme:

  • first stage. It includes initiation of audit supervision of the business and the conclusion of the relevant contracts;
  • stage of the preliminary analysis. In close cooperation with the customer we define the priorities of information security audit, formulate requirements for the IT-system, develop and coordinate the plan of and techniques used during the audit;
  • information-gathering phase. It includes receipt of all necessary to complete the assessment of the audit documentation, interviews with employees of IT-sector and familiarization with the structure of information networks;
  • stage of data analysis. It consists of a preliminary assessment of the information security business, the consideration of risks, the analysis of identified vulnerabilities and potential threats to information security;
  • stage of processing of audit results and drawing up of objective peer review. It includes the development of recommendations to improve the level of information security.

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The audit team conducted versatile experts with all the necessary knowledge, experience and technical resources to provide a balanced peer review. Constantly monitoring the global security trends, detection and elimination of vulnerabilities and the emergence of new types of threats is ensuring the relevance of the information provided for the completion of the audit. In case of finding critical vulnerabilities you will be notified in a timely manner and get recommendations to address them to the completion of the audit.

At the end of the audit, you get a detailed expert report on the state of the information security business, reliability of software used and recommendations how to remove existing threats and an overall increase in security level.

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