Professional installation of climatic and security systems

Caspel’s solutions on design and installation of climatic and security systems will provide comfortable working conditions for your employees and operating safety of an enterprise.


Our products are distinguished by the integrity and solid study of all nuances of system functioning at the design stage. Application of IT infrastructure to climate and security systems of IT infrastructure provides:

  • improvement of technical and operational characteristics;
  • increase reliability and fault tolerance of systems in operation;
  • reduce maintenance and service;
  • system settings flexibility.

Depending on your needs, we develop all from scratch or optimize existing communication systems, climate control, video surveillance and AMCS.

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Efficient climate systems

To maximize the productivity of your office or production, we propose to use solutions that belong to smart solutions level. To create and maintain a comfortable microclimate we use:

  • installation of hot air curtains at the entrances to a building, which cut off cold air from outside in winter time;
  • advanced air-conditioning systems;
  • an air extraction systems, circulating air in industrial and office premises;
  • centralized modules of control and maintenance of the desired temperature.

Premium-level security for office and production

Implementation of security systems, offered by Caspel, is an ultimate solution that eliminates all gaps in perimeter of your property, allowing you to create a zonal division of employee access, to implement video surveillance systems, alarm and fire alarm systems.

Depending on size and type of business, we develop effective solutions that provide maximum benefits. To create climate and security systems, we use equipment from reliable suppliers, that already proven itself in our environment.

All practicable products are distinguished by customizability and possibility of easy integration into existing systems to form an integrated security perimeter or climate control. The ability to output an alarm to an operator's remote control panel allows to сall security service of private companies or government security establishment on the facility when alarm is triggered.

Integration Solutions

Costs reducing

Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

Increased productivity

A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

Business Process Automation

Modern business practice eliminates the possibility of errors provided by the human’s factor fault