Professional implementation of engineering and IT systems for business

Benefit from services of a qualified installation of security systems , local, cable and telephone networks, communication and hardware solutions for the storage and processing of information. We develop customized products for business, taking into account the existing infrastructure, particularly layout of your premises and your company's specialization.


We conduct an integrated construction or individual deployment of the following systems:

  1. Climatic and ventilation devices, integrated into a centrally managed network. They provide comfortable working conditions for staff, an air extraction system and proper cooling in server rooms;
  2. CCTV networks, ACMS and integrated security systems that provide site security;
  3. Organized cable and telephone networks of any complexity;
  4. Processing centers and backup storage systems for existing information systems.

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We create conditions for productive work of your business

Caspel has considerable experience in design and deployment of engineering and IT systems for medium and large businesses.

High qualification of employees of all levels and our own logistical base allow us to design and implement systems of any complexity. By contacting us, you will get:

  • exclusively developed solution that uses the best components and that effectively cope with its tasks;
  • professional equipment installation within the contract period;
  • testing and commissioning of systems by Caspel's experts;
  • round-the-clock information support and services that provide troubleshooting support as may be required.

To create effective systems, we integrate solutions in already launched products, creating automated security-protection modules and communication modules. Business solutions, offered by Caspel company, distinguish themselves by reliability, fault tolerance and flexibility, making them the optimal choice for your business.

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Integration Solutions

Costs reducing

Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

Increased productivity

A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

Business Process Automation

Modern business practice eliminates the possibility of errors provided by the human’s factor fault