Management of company’s financial operations

Automation of financial management can significantly simplify financial planning, fulfillment of requests, delivery of material resources.


ERP-system, designed by Caspel, intended specifically for business comfort and to save time for implementation of a single electronic database. The technology allows you to:

  • group budgeting database, adapted to specification of company's business;
  • plan the financial and economic activity of the enterprise within the areas (income, expenses, investments, payment of wages and other.);
  • conduct an activity with complete control the movement of material assets at every level;
  • reconcile financial plans rationally and coordinate money orientation for structural units in extraordinary case;
  • manage company’s finances by centralized means based on automated operations within budgeting system.

Coherence of operations allows reduce risks of disruption at company activity.

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Functional modules of system

• Budget Management

The module allows you to establish a clear division of budget, based on figures of previous experience of business activity. Visual demonstration of actual indexes of financial activity and analysis of material means realization allows instant intervention and correction of monetary transactions.

• Payment schedule

The module is designed for rapid control of cash flow, to manage company’s budget in order to prevent insolvency and instantly response and resolve critical issues.

• The financial analysis

The module is dedicated to draw up estimated conclusion of financial activity based on economic records. Its mission to plan further operations in accordance to current risks.

Implementation of ERP technology designed by our company provides a thorough development of project, according to specific characteristics of exact business and situation of company. An effective model should be based on installation of relationship between financial flows and ERP-system functions. Caspel ensures total study of issue and to find optimal method for company’s financial management.

Integration Solutions

Costs reducing

Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

Increased productivity

A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

Business Process Automation

Modern business practice eliminates the possibility of errors provided by the human’s factor fault