CASPEL’s HelpDesk: 24 hours professional technical support

CASPEL provides 24 hours technical customers support. Requests are handled by certified personnel who use their knowledge and skills to solve problems encountered by clients, for short time. We cooperate with key software and hardware companies. Solutions, provided by us, are implemented in standard and cloud technologies that meet IT needs of modern business.

To accelerate and create a user-friendly and transparent scheme of HelpDesk activity, receiving of requests and registration of tickets are performed by:

  • email to company;
  • phone call directly to technical support specialist;
  • chat with an online consultant;
  • order of call back.

For easy tracking of request’s status and for effectiveness of its treatment by support, each request is marked with unique number. As a result of solving the problem the request's status will change online.

Efficient service to maintain your business

HelpDesk system, designed and used by CASPEL, is a unique product that combines classic, time-proven operating principles with their own innovative solutions. Operating principle of support is constantly being improved and upgraded to provide the highest level of service that effectively solves any problems with software or hardware solutions during 24 hours a day.

In addition to excellent work of technical part of CASPEL's HelpDesk solution, we pay attention to:

  • systematization of problems, and to design of generic solutions, ensuring effective ticket resolution for the least amount of operations by a 1st line specialist or by your employee;
  • constant improvement of employees knowledge and skills involved into both support lines;
  • analysis of problems reasons that mostly appear in requests, and to design mechanisms that prevent their appearance.

CASPEL's technical support is an effective tool focused on fast and effective solution of IT problems that clients encounter, and prevention of business downtime and loss of funds due to malfunctions.

Call +7 (495) 783-68-10 and get efficient technical support from our specialists.