A helpdesk is an automated technical support system, that register both domestic requests of an enterprise and those coming from outside. The most convenient way to receive a response to a user's request is in the online mode, so Help Desk (ServiceDesk) systems operate as a web service on the company's website with support for sending messages to the e-mail of a client.


The required component of any HelpDesk solution is a request control module, in other words, a system, which stores bugs, tickets or incidents received from users. Moreover, the requests can come from a variety of sources, such as: telephone calls, e-mails or messages, directly left on the site. After the request is received, it will be sent to one of the employees of the technical support. In addition, it is possible to set the level of importance and urgency.

When working with a ticket, all message history between a customer and a client is stored, so it allows the support manager to monitor the whole process. Therefore, it is possible to easily control the work of the support and analyze the effectiveness of personnel.

In addition to ticket registration, the system can include the following components:

  • database of registered users;
  • a set of ready-made solutions to the most common questions;
  • a personal online area for customers to see the status of a request, and where the correspondence with the support is stored;
  • a base of products and contracts for different types of services.

HThe HelpDesk system is relevant primarily for the Internet stores, any commercial sites that sell services or goods, manufacturers and distributors of software and hardware products.

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HelpDesk for IT

In addition to customer support, the system is used by IT departments and companies for the internal infrastructure management. For that matter, such ServiceDesks have additional specialized functions:

  1. The config register (internal resources of a company, information about the versions and settings).
  2. A list of common problems and their solutions (recurrent errors).
  3. A list of changes (version updates, introduction of new technologies and scenarios).

Our company offers a flexible HelpDesk solutions for organizations of any profile. The setup and full information support, reasonable prices, an intuitive and simple interface will help to organize a coordinated network of technical support. If necessary, you can add required modules to the system.

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