Providing a data center with high-precision air conditioning

Data processing centers (DPC) are fault-tolerant systems, operating in automatic mode and serving for data exchange, which is necessary for the stable operation of business processes. The key criteria, that distinguishes centers, are reliability, provided range of services and the performance index of equipment. Due to the continuous operation of computing power, data center heat is so great that the room equipment with conditioning systems is required for stable system operation.


We are offering:

  • advantageous cost of production, well-proven in terms of reliability and performance, produced by Climaveneta and Uniflair companies, which are specializing in the cooling of equipment rooms. Their low cost is due to direct cooperation with manufacturers bypassing dealers and re-sellers;
  • development and implementation of projects of any complexity. All work are carried out by experts with many years of experience with systems based on the use of precision air conditioners;
  • professional installation services and post-warranty maintenance services, including repair job, supply and installation of spare parts for precision air conditioning systems.

The demands for data processing rate are constantly growing, as a result, the load on machines, that handle data, is also constantly increasing. The cooling equipment segment is experiencing rapid growth with the constant emergence of new technologies of temperature control and cooling of data centers. For accurate understanding the perspectives of increasing the capacity of the equipment that is cooled by our air conditioning systems, we carry out the maximum load calculations.

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Because DPC are one of the most important and promising IT objects, daily processing huge information flows, it becomes critical to ensure high availability of equipment. Together with the data center services and with no-break power supply, the quality conditioning is the key to their stable operation.

To do this, all the above factors should be taken into account at the development stage of a data center, planning and preparation of premises for processing power, considering the demanding market requirements and the prospect of increasing information flow rate, and as a result, the cooling system requirements.

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Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

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A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

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