The company's goal is to define the strategy of IT system – reducing business risks within information support of company's core businesses.

Automation of business processes is a tool to create competitive advantages and significantly increase management efficiency of company. Smartly designed IT-strategy leads growth of business value and its investment attractiveness.

Information platform must meet following requirements:

  • standardization, i.e. the compatibility of different system components and their strict adherence to information security requirements;
  • Scalability, i.e. the ability to consider growing needs of company;
  • Flexibility: the system should be easily reconstructed by changes of internal business processes and external environment;
  • Independence: there should be no need to maintain its own staff of programmers, the customer should not depend on solution providers;
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Automation of company’s business processes includes following steps:

  • preparation stages;
  • stages of study, analysis and systematization of all business processes of company;
  • stage of analysis and improvement of company's management principles.

For successful automation of your business it is necessary also:

  • to have qualified experts in working group for project management;
  • management of company have to understand the essence of information technology to achieve business objectives;
  • to have willingness of employees and managers to spend their time on development of new forms and methods for organization of operation.