Ready-made solutions for the efficient operation of your institution

Placement of equipment is an essential issue on organization of large or small restaurants business. Owner wants to make each restaurant original and stylish, but he/she is faced with some limits on installation of terminals, printers, as well as the Front, Back and Head Office. It is required to make records, prepare reports, coordinate and monitor employees’ activity. All these processes take a lot of time, so tinning rate can deter customers away from your place.


Training of new employee is also one of the problems. For automation of process, frequently it is required to buy different software and equipment, and then train new employees to use it.

We offer a number of decisions dedicated to organization of restaurants, cafes and bars, which will increase the efficiency, speed and quality of service. CASPEL Company provides its own software designed to automate the processes. It has been designed in accordance to specifications of public places.

Our software helps you to solve a number of problems quickly and with ease:

  • you can control all operation process by one software;
  • fast accounting of goods, funds, staff time with little effort;
  • collect statistical data that you can analyze to make adjustments to the job;
  • to protect against fraud staff.

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You will know everything about your business and can always get acquainted with the statistics. Each delivery of products, order, action waiter and other staff will be displayed in report. By automating processes, you can increase the speed of operation, the number of clients served.This has a positive impact on image of public places.

Cooperating with us, you get:

  • a program to automate your business;
  • configuration of servers;
  • POS equipment;
  • technical support at all stages;
  • detailed instructions for employees;
  • constant updates and improvements.

Correct approach to organization of your restaurant will save resources, increase profits, and bring success to your restaurant business in short time.

Integration Solutions

Costs reducing

Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

Increased productivity

A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

Business Process Automation

Modern business practice eliminates the possibility of errors provided by the human’s factor fault