Uninterruptible Power Systems - a guarantee of the equipment without fail

Business owners risks to loss income due to downtime and important corporate data due to sudden power outages, breakdowns on the line in offices, industrial buildings, commercial facilities. That is why uninterrupted power (UP) became the basis for the functioning of electronic devices. Some companies still do not pay enough attention to it, so do not have the opportunity to appreciate all the benefits of its usage.


This system will allow you to forget about:

  • the consequences of an emergency power outage;
  • loss of information on the equipment;
  • the device failure;
  • damage due to power surges.

Our company offers a full range of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) - from planning and delivery devices to equipment installation, configuration and maintenance.

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Uninterruptible power systems include the UP-supply operating on battery, designed for short-term power outages, or PRI, generators that provide power to the network in the event of an extended outage. Efficiency uninterruptible power supply devices are different and may reach 99%. Reconnection time from the core network to the backup power supply system may also be different, and in some cases up to 12 ms - it can be prohibitively long for sensitive equipment.

The voltage applied to them in the network meets state standards and will not lead to equipment damage. However, preference should be given even if not cheap, but the proven manufacturers - in this case, you do not risk getting too much stress on the electronic circuit.

It can connect individual devices (PCs, servers), or the entire building, depending on the backup power supply in the system used by the scheme.

What our customers should pay attention to when planning such a system?

  • It is necessary to calculate the properly load.
  • In case of a power failure to maintain the equipment must be provided for the plans, user manuals.
  • It is necessary to establish a monitoring and warning system.

Setting BP, you make an investment in a secure office work, production, uninterrupted operation of any equipment. Uninterruptible power supply systems will ensure the long-term operation technology, data safety and your peace of mind.

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