Design and installation of video surveillance systems and access control systems

Caspel company designs and installs video surveillance systems and access control systems in office, residential, industrial and storage buildings and adjacent areas. Extensive experience of system deployment for small and medium businesses, government institutions and for corporate clients allows us to design and implement video surveillance systems and access control systems of any complexity to solve individual cases that challenge your business.


Integration of IT-solutions in video surveillance system allows to automate visual examination and conduct analytics of live images with help of face-recognition and car plate recognition subsystems, installed on vehicles.

To implement these systems, IP-surveillance is using, which allows to introduce modern security technologies for storage, analysis and processing of data coming from cameras. Depending on your needs and budget, committed to video surveillance, we select optimal technologies and layout, providing highest level of security with a minimum of blind spots.

To connect cameras, we use certified copper and fiber-optic communications.

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Advantages of video surveillance solutions from Caspel

Implementation of digital video surveillance has a number of tangible advantages than analog systems. The most important are:

  • remote access and system control via Internet;
  • high quality and detailed elaboration of images , allowing you to see a clear picture of what is happening on a secured area;
  • usage of secure digital storage systems of video streams, that provide access to the data post factum;
  • easy integration with other security systems, alarm and fire alarm modules;
  • easy zooming with support for viewpoint extensions or access control extensions;
  • easy to maintain, there is no need for additional training.

The whole video surveillance complex operates under centralized control, adaptable to your business needs by installing software and hardware extensions.

Installation of video surveillance will allow you to improve overall level of security on premises, to prevent plundering of wealth, property damage, to optimize business processes and to improve employees' discipline. Remote connection will help you to be sure that your business runs flawlessly, even when you are away.

Integration Solutions

Costs reducing

Reducing of costs without loss of quality free resources for business development

Increased productivity

A wide range of the system project services in the field of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure construction

Business Process Automation

Modern business practice eliminates the possibility of errors provided by the human’s factor fault